Friday, October 8, 2010

Coming out to play... again...

Life is settling down once again after a hectic few weeks. School back in session? Check. Arrival of new son, Liam? Check. Establishment of regular sleep cycles? Still a work in progress.

I should say here how much I love my family. I'm so proud of my wife, Katey, and for all the things she does to provide a loving and caring home for our boys. Most days I come home from work feeling mentally exhausted, thinking that the only I want to do for the rest of the day is collapse on the couch and/or engage in a variety of digital distractions because they require little thought. However, seeing the excitement of my two oldest boys and hearing about their adventures is hard to ignore and I try to make sure that I am available in the same way that Katey is. I love you, sweetie.

We're all looking forward to seeing a good portion of the family over the weekend. Liam will be blessed in church this upcoming Sunday and having the Thanksgiving holiday seemed like a good chance to try and get as many of the Thompson and Redd clans together as possible. I'm currently looking for a good recipe for beef on a bun... I was immensely pleased to hear that many use pop. Hello, Dr. Pepper-Beef-on-a-bun. I'm sure we'll be good friends.

Frequent posting should occur from now on. There has been no shortage of material, just the drive to organize the many thoughts that occupy my mind on any given day. I'm hoping my mom will be impressed.

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  1. Not to mention your wife. She hasn't posted a thing since soe pictures shortly after Liam was born.